New season means brand new knitwear!

What better way to escape from the autumnal blues than with a brand new, highly original dress for work and play? Don't rule out your skirted options just because the weather has shifted. A pair of opaque tights, knee-high boots and a gorgeous jacket will ensure it's still perfect - if not more so - for the coming blistery months.

Designed exclusively to create a bold and chic statement, which benefits from a huge wealth of historical experience. We used traditional and familiar colour schemes to reflect the inspiration directly and to create a sense of unity between the finished design and the original source.

This dress is an item that also bridges both a chilled afternoon with flat biker boots, as well as the evening dinner with classic heels stylish divide. It breathes a certain effortlessness, while still looking smart and polished. It's so versatile, you'll dread the end of the day when you have to take it off.

We love how this dress fits so beautifully, especially when layered with the scarf, which really adds a sense of confidence and style to the outfit.